Angie LaPaglia, Power

As a poet, I draw from personal narrative and work in a confessional style that leaves little space between myself and the words. I have been described as "the poet who's not afraid to feel.”

My current work focuses on presenting poetry as visual art in various media. The goal is to not only bring an under-experienced and often misunderstood art form to the masses, but also to experiment with and further the form in a modern era.

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Artist Statement

Shame is the result of suffering. And we all suffer: the girl who isn’t perfect enough, the boy who’s bullied at school, the rape victim who thinks she’s the only one, the family with the alcoholic father, the young man driven from his hometown for being gay, the battered wife. The list is as eclectic as it is infinite.

For those who suffer in secret, shame is the master emotion. But if shame is exposed to an audience who will connect with it viscerally and respond to it with human empathy, shame can’t survive.

Drawn from my own personal narrative of adversity, my work seeks to pull back the rug under which our secrets live, to expose human suffering authentically and without apology, and to eradicate shame in the process. This eradication is jolting, wound-exposing, rib-compressing, tear-inducing. But most of all, it is cathartic. This catharsis is why I create.

photo by Todd Clark